My blog is so dead - it has turned into a ghost

A year ago, I migrated my blog from wordpress to static assets created with harpjs. It was fun and I learned a lot by using technology like LESS and jade which I had not gotten into before.

I ran the blog using harp as application server using pm2 for service and cluster management at first, so publishing was as easy as writing on my laptop, checking into source control and updating the “working copy” on the server. I had some problems with that as my server got unresponsive for other services I run there and it was rather obvious that node (or better stated pm2) ate a lot of cpu. After trying to work around that issue by reducing other services cpu- and memory-usage (I switched my web server from apache to lighttpd and eventually nginx in those attempts) I decided to compile my blog with harp and server static assets only.

Unfortunately this turned out to be bad for my posting freqency (which had just gotten up a bit before…) as a build pipeline was needed to get a new post published on the server - I started a few posts but never published them.

So now that my blog was killed this way, I am migrating it again. This post is already server by the awesome ghost blogging platform. Setting it up was fast and fun - the documentation is really complete and cover several setup scenarios.

Now, I am on the way of migrating my minimalistic theme over to work with ghost. I will also be moving my old stuff over - as ghost uses markdown for editing, this is a rather simple task!